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Faculty as Catalysts for a Changing Health Workforce

The USAID-funded One Health Workforce project (OHW) understands that faculty members play a central role in transforming the health workforce of tomorrow. OHW supports faculty members across Africa and Southeast Asia to develop their One Health teaching, research, and outreach expertise and equip current and future health professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats. We do this through a variety of faculty training, mentoring, and professional development activities. For example, One Health trainings introduce faculty members to One Health approaches and teaching resources, while curriculum and instructional design workshops help faculty design effective and engaging One Health programs and courses, and various network opportunities. OHW gives faculty members opportunities to apply and share their One Health knowledge with others through applied research grants, fellowships, faculty exchanges, and academic conference presentations. Together, these activities empower and enable university faculty members to engage students and fellow colleagues in meaningful, applied, and team-oriented One Health learning experiences.

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